DBS surgery involves putting the tip of a hair-thin wire inside the brain in a special area that controls movement. The patient is awake during surgery to allow the surgical team to assess the patient’s brain functions. The small wire runs up through a small hole in the skull and under the scalp, down to a small device implanted under the collarbone. Local anesthetic is applied to these areas, and the patient is occasionally sedated.

While the electrode is being advanced through the brain, the patient does not feel any pain. Most patients have two implants — one on each side of the brain.

Steps of Procedure-:

Patient Evaluation by Neurophysician

Patient eligibility for DBS by ANFN team

Hospital admission

Surgical steps

Pre op imaging

Appilication of stereotatic frame

Imaging with frame

Surgical planning and localization of target radiologically

Burr hole under local analgesia

Physiological confirmation of target by MER

Implantation of electrodes in brain

Implantation of battery (IPG) infront of chest

Programming of DBS to obtain best results



Deep brain stimulation (DBS), or Electric subcortical stimulation, illustrates functional Neurosurgical intervention with Stereotactic placement of Electrodes into Target brain regions. Propagating from an external stimulation device, which becomes internalized via subdermal implantation, Electric impulses traverse the electrodes, stimulating the desired target and invoking therapeutic responses within the patient giving Miraculous cure from all the diseases listed above. Whole procedure is performed in awake patient and they are discharged the same day.