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Parkinson’s disease, Essential tremors and Dystonia are very debilitating disease’s. DBS or Deep Brain Stimulation treatment brings the normal life back for these patients.

Many patients were travelling from Pakistan to India for this treatment but now DBS Center has started functioning in Lahore, Pakistan. In this center foreign trained Professor Shahzad and his team perform the surgery with utmost precision and giving best results using state of the art technology from Inomed Germany and St. Judes USA. Professor Shams was trained by Prof Pieter Slabbert in South Africa and his team members by Prof Lozano in Canada.

This Center is giving excellent results with very high patient satisfaction. Our cost for surgery is lowest in Asia.

Our results are comparable to any best center in the world.

Patients with DBS implanted batteries or Generator are able to perform their daily activities as they were doing before the start of these movement disorders and its a step towards new life for all Pakistani patients suffering from Parkinson’ disease, Essential tremors and Dystonia.